The Karting Track

My Siesta Years by Jean-Michel LAPORTE

The Karting Track

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La piste du Karting

It occupied approximately 3,600sqm or 1/4 of the land. Made up of a completely asphalted horizontal area, it made it possible to carry out different circuits with developed lengths ranging from 280 to 430 linear meters. Surrounded entirely by a low chain-link fence and grass lawns, the track had all the necessary safety devices. It was approved for competitions by the National Karting Committee and approved by the Prefectural Services.

While it enabled the organization of competitions, its main use was the rental of karts to the public. These karts, 30 in number, including a maximum of 12 on the Track, were built especially for rental (reinforced frames, flanged engines).

In addition, the karting included too:

  • a Reception supplying helmets and tracksuits
  • a refueling stand with kart parking
  • a small test and start track with direct access to the main track
  • an open-air bar, with a 140-seat terrace fitted out on the edge of the track,
  • a control and timing station to 1/100th of a second,
  • Baby-karting exclusively for children and equipped with a 60-meter asphalt track and 3 small karts with maximum speed: 10km/h.

Through his success, this greatly contributed to the launch of LA SIESTA. The enthusiasm shown by the Public for this very new sporting game went far beyond the limits of ephemeral interest; it was for this so versatile clientele of the French Riviera much more than a simple “passing”. It must be said that the track, by its technical qualities and its facilities, as well as by its highly visible tourist location, largely contributed to the popularity of karting among the most diverse clienteles.

After the success of the first season:

  • the layout and decoration of the Track were improved:
  • lengthening of the track,
  • safety devices reinforced by double rows of tires at the edge of the track,
  • construction of a reception stand, with cloakroom for helmets and tracksuits with La SIESTA colors,
  • many lawns bounded by borders of white cement.
  • The equipment, i.e. 30 karts, was carefully designed to meet the many problems posed by rental (solidity of the frames and endurance of the engines, stability, aesthetics, etc.). The frames were completely built and dressed by the Mechanical Workshop of the LAPORTE Company, whose staff and tools were perfectly suited to this task. During operation, it was also the Workshop of the LAPORTE Company which was able to ensure the maintenance of the karts, taking advantage of the fact that the summer constitutes the off-season period in the manufacture of “clay shooting equipment”.
  • The operating organization was streamlined:

o Parking for karts at the start (no more maintenance nor repairs on site)

o Time control system by time point clock, combined with a cash register,

o Swivel chairs with parasols for the slope supervisors

o Staff recruited in advance and chosen according to their qualifications. Two shifts: one for the day, the other one for the night, which kept the track in operation for almost 18 hours a day.


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